25 weeks pregnant + having an affair

Ok, so I have to throw out a confession to the universe.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and I’m cheating…on my weight loss programme.

And when I say cheating, I don’t mean like scoffing chocolate cake in that blindspot straight after weigh-in, or “forgetting” to write down the gruesome truth of what I actually ate over the weekend.  I don’t even mean hiding behind that old “eating for two” excuse I could so easily fall back on in my knocked-up state.  Because anyone who has ever tried to lose weight will know that the only person you’re cheating on with those sorts of indiscretions is yourself.

When I say cheating, I mean I’ve switched to a major competitor of the programme that I was once loyal to.

Weight Watchers and I first met when I was five and a half stone overweight, and it was love at first sight.

Every moment we spent together saw me transform, I couldn’t stop telling everyone how well we clicked and people could see just how special our relationship was.  I lost over six and a half stone, and I thought I’d found my soul mate, the one, for life.

But I suppose I got comfortable, I stopped seeing how good I had it.  I started to take what we had for granted, and even thought I could do better on my own.  I saw all the shiny new health talk that flooded the internet and I got curious, I got cocky, I got greedy at the possibilities. I suppose with that admission, I have to also confess…this isn’t the first time I’ve strayed.  Some of those flings were been good while they lasted, others…not so much.  In the end I realised, I need Weight Watchers.  I thrive with a weekly weigh-in, a group discussion, and some structure.  But that realisation came a little too late, the damage already done – one and a half stone overweight again.  Oh, and pregnant.*

The weight had already been creeping back on before pregnancy, and I’m scared of what will happen if I’m left to my own devices.  This isn’t my first ride on the motherhood merry-go-round, and with both previous pregnancies I stepped off that carousel with at least three or four stone extra junk in my trunk.  But not this time (please god, not this time!).  I knew I had to go back to the method that always worked for me.

Except there’s been a hitch – Weight Watchers doesn’t let you in if you’re pregnant.  I mean sure, I could follow the plan at home…but I know that what makes it work for me is the accountability and support that comes with the weekly meetings.

And so here I find myself, cheating on Weight Watchers in the worst way – with Slimming World.

It turns out Slimming World have been a bit more savvy (or unscrupulous) than Weight Watchers, and brandishing a stamp of approval from the Royal College of Midwives they are all open arms for us pregnant chubbers.  So call me disloyal all you want, but right now it’s a case of any port in a storm.  I’ve been following the plan for a few weeks and it has been…interesting.

And so I decided to start this blog, firstly to chart my Slimming World journey but also as a way of keeping myself accountable.  After an impressive start I’ve not really been following the plan with much commitment, and so I need all the help I can get to stay on the straight and narrow!  I would really like to have a healthy pregnancy and keep my weight gain to a minimum, so that I can have a straight forward delivery and enjoy my newborn without worrying too much about my body.  And whether you’re pregnant or not, following Slimming World or Weight Watchers or something else entirely, I’d love it if you would join me for the ride.

Lets see if my adultery gets me anywhere, or if karma will get me for being a low down, dirty cheat.


*Don’t worry, I know who the dad is.  My marriage is much more stable than my diet.


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  1. Haha! Brilliantly written! I must admit, I’ve always done SW when I decide to try and shift a few pounds and WW has never actually appealed to me really. That said, I think the two are becoming more alike in their approach to healthy eating. I’d love for you to link this post up to my Weight Loss Wednesday linky – it’s open until next week xx

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve linked up 🙂

      I think that’s true that they’re becoming more alike, I see a lot of similarities in SW to what WW were doing as No Count years ago – a focus on whole foods that you could eat until you were satisfied, with an allowance for extras on the side. I think that’s really the best approach for anyone, balance.

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