about me


I’ve been every size from a 22 down to an 8.

I ended my teens and my first pregnancy as obese.  After having to buy two belts to stitch together as I couldn’t find one in my own size, and being shouted at in the street for my weight, I knew something had to change.  So the girl who had never dieted – because she thought it was just not something she’d ever manage to do – joined her first slimming club.  Four years later and a poster child for Weight Watchers, I was a size 8.

But in the past few years my weight has crept up again.

I kept the weight off for a good few years, and developed a love for fitness.  But another baby and an inactive job (not to mention my love of stuffing my face) have been catalysts for weight gain in more recent years and I’ve found myself yo-yoing…with the up swing being a bigger gain each time.

I’ve been left uninspired by the version of health and fitness splashed across social media.

As a woman in her 30’s with kids and a history of weight loss, I’m just not connecting with the tsunami of lycra-wearing, six-pack wielding “clean eaters” who spend their whole lives sharing photos of themselves online.  I have a budget, limited time and my modesty to preserve…social media was starting to make me feel those things just weren’t compatible with being healthy.

I’ve decided to stop looking outward and find health on my own terms. To be the healthiest version of me – for me, by me.

Health is for everyone, and it comes in more shapes and sizes and colours and flavours than I can imagine.  Sure, the everyday version of healthy may not make for very sexy Instagram snaps, but there is so much more to life than that.  I’m on a mission to make my diet, fitness and happiness fit into my life.

I’m currently pregnant with my third baby.

I’m on a mission to keep any weight gain to a healthy minimum, to keep fit and give my baby (and birth experience) the best chance.

But this blog is about much more than that

This place is for me to share what I’ve learned (and my mistakes) along the way.  Products, recipes, workouts, tips, achievements and realisations…I’m hoping to find the time and words to share them all.

No matter what your weight loss journey looks like I hope you’ll join me and be your own example of health.

And I’d love it if you’d connect with me – leave a comment, follow my Instagram…or just keep up with my posts when you can.  Hopefully we can learn from one another, and get healthy together!