my affiliate link policy

From time to time, you may see links in my blog posts to products on  Whenever this is the case, I’ll also add the following disclaimer at the bottom of the post:

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not getting paid for the content, but it does contain affiliate links.


what is an affiliate link?

Well, it’s a link which basically tells Amazon that you found your way to that particular product on their site via my blog.  If you were then to purchase that particular product, I would earn a small percentage of the purchase price.


my policy

I only ever link to products that I have tried, tested and loved myself.  And I only ever link to them if it is relevant to the blog post.

No one has asked or paid me to put these links on my blog – I add the links to help my readers and to make my blog posts more useful.

Readers should never feel obliged to purchase the product, from my link or anywhere else.

I’m always happy to talk more about any of the products I link to.