back to weight watchers (goodbye slimming world)

If you’ve been following my blog you will know that I’ve been going to Slimming World.  But my diet loyalties always belonged to another programme, and the inevitable has happened – I’ve switched back to Weight Watchers.


back to weight watchers


slimming world and me

I joined Slimming World when I was pregnant, to make sure I didn’t balloon like I did in my other two pregnancies.  Weight Watchers don’t allow you to attend when you’re pregnant. But I needed the accountability of a weekly weigh-in to keep me on track.  So, feeling like a cheating hussy, I ditched my beloved Weight Watchers for the enemy.

After our baby was born in June, I kept going to Slimming World. The class is a friendly wee place and I like the consultant.  As I had some pregnancy (and pre-pregnancy…) weight to lose I thought I’d stick with it.  But over 7 weeks I only lost 3.5lbs.  Admittedly, my head was not in the weight loss game.  I wasn’t really on plan a lot of the time, so the lack of progress isn’t really a representation of Slimming World if you’re doing it right.   The thing with diets is that they all work, even the crazy ones.  What makes or breaks a diet is whether you can stick to it long term. Whether it fits in with your life.  For me, Slimming World just didn’t, and I wasn’t inspired by the plan.  So I’ve gone back to Weight Watchers.


heading back to weight watchers

Weight Watchers was the programme which helped me drop from a size 22 to a size 8.  It was the programme that turned my life around. It gave me skills and knowledge about health and nutrition which I still apply today, 15 years after my first meeting.  I love the programme so much that I even worked as a leader for a short while.  Even knowing what I do now about the diet industry, the importance of a sustainable diet and the trap that low-fat/reduced calorie/light/diet foods are, I still think the programme is amazing.  That’s why I’ve decided to go back to Weight Watchers.

We all operate in different ways when it comes to keeping ourselves on track.  I need to monitor pretty much everything that goes in my mouth or I get a bit carried away.  Let’s just say I’m pretty generous to myself unless I’m making a conscious effort to stay in check.  I’m an eater who doesn’t have an off switch. I think that was why Slimming World never sat right with me.  It was too easy to have more rice or potatoes because they were “free.” And don’t get me started on the Muller Lights (see my rant about the things I hate about Slimming World).  I need structure, limits and a way to measure what I’m shoving in my gob.  Going back to Weight Watchers gives me all of that.

For me, besides the programme itself, the big plus of Weight Watchers is just how good the app and website are.  The app is all singing, all dancing.  You can track your SmartPoints, your weight and your exercise.  You can look up or work out the SmartPoints in literally any food, and even build recipes to work out their SmartPoints too.  It syncs with all sorts of fitness trackers, so you get instant rewards for your activity.  It means I can take my diet with me everywhere. There is no guessing and I always know how to make the best choices.


the proof is in the pudding…

…ok, inappropriate analogy for a diet comparison.  But the test of whether a diet works is in the weight loss. In 5 weeks since going back to Weight Watchers I’ve lost 8lbs.  I’ve not been on track all that time, but the programme is so easy to follow and the app such an amazing tool that I’m motivated to stick with it most of the time.

I’m so glad I decided to switch.  For the first time in a long while I feel inspired to make changes, convinced I can do it and excited about the future.  Those size 12 clothes waiting patiently in my wardrobe hopefully wont be waiting for much longer!

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