being my own example

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently.  I’ve made some changes to my healthy lifestyle approach and it’s made me take a step back and look at my blog.

I feel I’ve lost my way a little. This blog started off as a place to chart my efforts to keep well and maintain a healthy weight during my pregnancy, and I assumed it would grow from there into a healthy living blog.  I hadn’t anticipated that I’d write very much about my kids, but as they’re my life I’ve inevitably started to do just that. I also hadn’t anticipated that sometimes trying to live healthily can be hard, and not always fun to write about.  Most of all, I hadn’t realised just how difficult it would be to find my voice and my place, as a tiny little sea monkey in the vast ocean that is the blogosphere.


what i’m not

Mummy bloggers are big news.  Being a mummy blogger is an industry in itself.  They’re funny, honest, and a big deal with followers and brands alike.   They are all these things because they are amazing at their motherhood niche.  Maybe they’re super crafty and can amuse their kids (and readers) with homemade creations and elaborate bakes in a picture perfect house.  Perhaps they’re the epitome of patient, able to get down to their kids’ level and navigate each parenting minefield with guru-like understanding, sharing their knowledge with their readers whilst raising flawless children.  Possibly they’re graced with style and the cash to kit their mini-models out in the latest trendy gear, not to mention the sort of kids who enjoy posing for Insta-worthy shot after shot.  Or failing all that, they’re at least able to turn even the most shit-stained, hair-pulling, pass-me-the-gin days into a relatable confessional which has us all wetting our pants whilst nodding in relieved agreement that we’re not alone.

I don’t belong in that world.

But I don’t really belong in the healthy living world either.  I do not look good in Lycra, my fridge is more likely to contain some saggy looking peppers than avocados and kale, my workout gear is more Primark than Sweaty Betty and I’d pass on raw cacao for Dairy Milk.  But according to the blogosphere the only way to live healthily is to go to extremes.  The only people who are healthy are those with six pack abs and a fridge full of seasonal veg.

finding my niche

But not fitting in to the healthy living world is precisely the reason I started this blog.  And not fitting in to the mummy blogger world should be exactly why I do include my kids in what I write.

I’m just a regular woman, trying to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting whilst dragging bringing my family along for the ride.  And I don’t anticipate that the ride will see me suddenly becoming vegan and undertaking ultramarathons whilst morphing into a cool and very funny version of Mary Poppins.

I want to blog about the things I do and find out on my own journey to health.  Accessible, easy things that fit into family life and maybe rub off on partners and kids too.  I’m not holding myself up as a specimen of clean eating, cover girl perfect athleticism. I’m not even holding myself up to say this is what you should do.  I just want to show that living healthily doesn’t need to come with a price tag or take the same commitment as a part time job, and that it certainly isn’t only for certain types of people.  I want to prove we can all be a bit more healthy, in our own ways.   That to be the best version of ourselves doesn’t mean we have to copy anyone else.  We can set our own examples.  You can be your own example.

That’s what I intend to do.


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