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I’ve been a mother for nearly 15 years now.

Jeez…that’s nearly half my life! And although I know these big commercial days aren’t for everyone, I do still like mother’s day.  Not that it’s vastly different to most days – the kids have either been too young to think of treating me themselves or (now that I have a teen) too lazy, and hubby just goes through the motions (as do I on father’s day).  But for me, I like to take the day to appreciate my boys and to cut myself some slack and see that sometimes I get the motherhood thing right.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like a properly shit mother.

About 90% of the time I fill one of the more negative mummy stereotypes – I am shouty mum, I am stressed mum, I am strict mum, I am sweary mum, I am forgetful mum, I am busy mum…often taking on more than one role at a time.  I’ve been a single mum, a step mum, a teen mum and a working mum, and carried them all out to varying degrees of just-scraping-by success.

There are many more stereotypes I will never be – crafty mum, homemaker mum, yummy mum, earth mum and never, but ever perfect mum.  But I’ve reached a point in life where I’ve made peace with that, and in most cases I am glad that those aren’t roles I will lump on to my motherhood CV.  Particularly perfect mum, because I know that she is actually a fantasy.

But I love my kids, and sometimes I do manage to be a good mother.

I try hard to make sure they have a good diet, I’m fanatical about tooth brushing, bedtime stories are second nature and I give great hugs.  So I feel like I deserve to take some time and enjoy what I’ve created.  Mother’s day gives me that chance – I got a lie-in, a family walk into town in the wonderful weather we’ve had this weekend, brunch and a wander around the shops, with a pit-stop in the park with ice cream cones before heading home to chill out.  I did still have to make Sunday dinner – hubby seems to be deaf to my not-so-subtle hints of how I hate being the cook every damn day – but I picked an easy meal which everyone enjoyed.

And now I’m about to enjoy some chocolate!


Whatever you got up to today, whether you were spoiled like a mum in a tv advert or you had a more down to earth time, if you’re trying your best to be at least a passable mum then I hope you had a wonderful day.  You deserved it.


Run Jump Scrap!

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  1. So glad you had a great day. Whilst we didn’t do anything particularly special, it was nice to have the special time with my little boy and husband without having to rush here there and everywhere. #bestandworst

  2. Ah you sound like you rock hun and I hope you had a fab day. We went plane spotting like a bunch of geeks. It was ace! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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