interview with a teenager – my son’s hopes, fears + thoughts

I’ve not had the chance to blog this week, we’ve been really busy.  Here in Scotland the summer holidays are over, and school starts back tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to cram a whole summer’s worth of days out into the last ten days, to make up to the teenager and the four year old for being busy with a new born for most of the holidays.

I feel sad that the end of the holidays has come around so soon.  Not least because the four year old will be starting primary school.  But that’s a whole other blog post of its own…which I’m not quite ready to process.  I thought I’d focus on my teenager today instead.

interview with a teenager



Old House In The Shires tagged me (a long while back!) in her “Questions For My Teens” tag, and I think that the start of the school year is a great time to interview my son.  I’m interested in what his answers will be, and to see what he thinks come the end of the school year.


back to school worries

The teenager is 15 now, and heading into fourth year at school.  That means his first exams are waiting for him in the shape of his National 5’s.  Does that worry me?  Not in the slightest.  He’s an incredibly smart kid who knows where he wants his studies to take him.  It’s what the school year holds for him that worries me.  As I mentioned before in my good, bad & ugly of parenting a teen, he has experienced bullying since high school started.

My son is a great kid. He’s kind and polite, clever and sporty. He gets on with adults.  He’s even helpful around the house (when he’s nagged!).  But these traits make him the subject of jealousy and a “soft target”, especially for one little shit in particular.  A little shit who unfortunately has a lot of cronies who blindly accept his opinion as their own. Things did start to get better towards the end of the last term, mainly because my son finally let me speak to the school.  Some of the perpetrators seem to have grown a conscience too, with one apologising for what he’d done.  But although I am hopeful that he can put it behind him, I can’t help but be concerned that it isn’t over yet.

I wonder if exams and bullying are on his mind too.  Will they come out in his answers, or is he less concerned about these things than me?


questions for my teenager

  1. What are your greatest fears at the moment?
    His first answer was that he was scared of the dark, which surprised me.  He also doesn’t like spiders but I knew that, as I’m the resident spider catcher in our house!  But when I asked him about bigger fears he said “I’m scared of not succeeding.  About not getting a good job or having a good life.”  I said that was pretty big stuff, and asked him if he was worried about exams – not at all!

  2. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?
    He said he sees himself either travelling the world or at university.  He wants to travel before studying though, doing volunteer work in the third world but also going to places like New York.  He’s always wanted to study technology, and for the longest time wanted to be a games or software designer. So his answer surprised me when he said “I want to do something with music tech.”  This is a new subject that has opened up to him this year, which brings his love of tech to his natural talent for music (he’s been playing the piano for four years).  He said as soon as he started the subject he found it fascinating and so really wants to follow it.

  3. If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?
    He said he was torn between John Logie Baird (inventor of the television, and famous son of our town) and Einstein.  Why?  “Because both made massive changes to the world. If I could meet one of them I’d like to see them going through all their work to the end.”

  4. What makes you angry and why?
    “Not getting to spend a lot of time on my computers and stuff. And sometimes I have to turn them off right in the middle of something as well.”  This makes me laugh so much, he really is obsessed with computers.  Oh to be 15 again. Imagine your biggest stressor being how much time you got (or didn’t get) to play computer games!

  5. Do you believe in having a soul-mate and true love?
    “Yes. Some people are meant to be with each other.” When I asked him if he thinks there is just the one person for each of us he said “there could be multiple people for different people.”  I’m glad of that. I think it’s a dangerous mind set to think there is only one person out there.  I’m happy my son will hopefully be less inclined to stay with someone bad for him in the misguided belief that they’re the one.

  6. What is the best and worst part of being a teenager?
    “Probably the worst part is always being tired. The best part is probably seeing yourself going through all these changes.” And yes, he meant puberty. I guess it’s nice to know he’s not scared or uncomfortable in his changing body!

  7. What would be your perfect day?
    Jeez, this one was like blood from a stone and his response was typically geeky.  You can count me out of joining him!  “Winning an eSports tournament (which is apparently gaming, but the best in the world). And getting to meet all the famous YouTubers and gamers.”

  8. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
    “I would build a nice big house abroad, buy a nice car and then send a huge chunk to a charity, like Water Aid.”  Thankfully no computers!
This was quite a cool thing to do, I got the chance to speak to him about his ideas about travelling and his thoughts on other things which may not have come up in normal conversation. I think I’m meant to tag other bloggers with teens, but actually I don’t know any!  I’ll be linking up with the Tweens, Teens & Beyond linky with this though, so I’d love it if anyone from there wants to carry this on with their own interview with their teenager!


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  1. This is awesome! I love the fact that he said he was tired! Sooo true of teens. He has found a passion in MusicTech! That’s awesome! He comes over as a great kid and like he really knows his own mind too. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I must admit I loved it sooo much! That’s why I created the tag! I loved the fact I was surprised by my teens answers. Thanks for carrying on the Tag. Xx

  2. He sounds so grown up, and very intelligent, and comfortable in himself, which is awesome. I am slightly dreading the teenage years (I’ve got a decade to go yet, mind) but this gives me hope ha!! #blogstravaganza

  3. We should all interview our teenagers! I think this was a fantastic idea! I have a sixteen year old girl! (She is always tired, too:))

    By “interviewing” them, we get info from them without them feeling attacked…or inundated with questions-which they loathe!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


  4. Oh wow really interesting to get a teenagers perspective. I like how he is quite confident in saying what he wants to do with his life, I found it quite overwhelming trying to pick just one thing I wanted to focus on. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!
    The Mum Project recently posted…You Are Easy, I Am NotMy Profile

  5. He sounds like an exceptionally smart, kind and caring kid. Go you for clearly raising such a gem, he will go far! One day the bullying will seem like a distant dream and he’ll have the last laugh! #bigpinklink

  6. Welcome to our linky. So lovely to have you. You have reminded me that I haven’t responded to this tag yet from Old House In The Shires. Sorry to hear that your son had a rough start to secondary school but glad that you stepped in and it is all quietening down too Reassuring to hear that one of them had the decency to apologise. Your son sounds like a very grounded young man who has a range of passions and is clear of his path forward. I wish him lots of luck. Hope to see you again. #TweensTeensBeyond

  7. What a fascinating group of answers. And a useful opportunity to sit and have a chat with your teen which many of them are reluctant to do! I loved the answer about giving money to charity, I really feel that this generation has got a social conscience that I admire a lot! I hope that he has a great year and that the bullying is behind him. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  8. Lovely to have you here at #TweensTeensBeyond. Wow a real eye opener and I guess many of us would second guess our kids answers to some of these questions. This makes it evening more fascinating when we think we know their thoughts and they prove otherwise. I may present these to my daughter! Thank you for joining us this week.

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