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We have been making the most of the spring holidays this week, and spent a few days in London on a sort of family baby-moon.  Legoland was our main destination, but we managed to cram in a fair bit in three days.  So that’s why there’s been some radio silence on the blog this week, and why most of my Little Loves today will have a bit of a theme!

Legoland was really great, and I might do a blog post on that alone.  I had been a bit worried how a 30 week pregnant woman would cope with a theme park, but we had an amazing day.  I coped well with the whole trip actually, even though we clocked up over 8 miles on foot each day, so I’m very proud of myself.

Little Loves focuses on the small touches that have made the past week sparkle, and there have been quite a few so lets get started…



I finished The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.  I’ll be honest, it’s not a patch on The Handmaid’s Tale, and it wasn’t my favourite of Atwood’s other books.  But it was smart, funny and that disturbing branch of sci-fi (the only sci-fi I can be bothered with) which could easily become real.

I’m now reading Toni Morrison’s Beloved, though I haven’t had much chance to get into it. I think I’m going to be in for an emotional ride with this story about a former slave woman who is haunted by the baby she killed in order to protect her from the life she herself had lived.  Not exactly the sort of book I could lose myself in on a kid-centred holiday!



…my youngest boy having an absolute ball.  The dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History museum, travelling on the Tube and double decker buses, legolegolegolego, his first rollercoaster and being invited into the cockpit of the plane…at age four I don’t think you can have a much better holiday!  And the teenager didn’t fare too badly either, getting to indulge his love for the little coloured bricks whilst going on the more adventurous rides, and getting to stuff his face with Chinese food before seeing his beloved uncle.  For me, it was just perfect getting to see them have such a great time.

We came home to the season finale of Walking Dead, which actually had me shouting out loud at the telly.  When you’ve been with a long-running tv programme since the very beginning, a season like the one we’ve just had is a total gift.  We also got in to the commentary show Talking Dead this season, which I think made it even more of a experience to see the cast talk about each episode as they aired.  I’m very interested to see what season 8 brings…and will miss Negan until then!  In the mean time I’ll just need to concentrate on growing my lady nuts to beach ball sized proportions.



Not a lot of music for me this week, but I did hear Fire, a track from Beth Ditto’s debut solo album which is due out in June.  I’m very excited about this, as her voice is  i n s a n e  and her lyrics are very smart.  She’s one of those singers who I remember the very first time I ever heard her – summer 2006 in the campsite for the Benicassim festival, people kept playing Gossip’s Standing In The Way Of Control and it was love at first listen for me.


Memories!  We don’t get the chance to take the kids away very often, and whilst I know holidays aren’t the only chance to create special family memories it is nice to take that time away from work and the daily grind to just have fun.  And the timing of it was really special too, as with their baby brother arriving in a couple of months I think it was nice to mark the end of this phase of our family on a high.



This natty little yellow number…

…which pretty much sums me up – I would rather be comfortable (and in this case, dry) than worry about what I look like!  But Legoland – who the hell designs a poncho with short sleeves?!


And Lastly…

This week off work has made me so excited for maternity leave.  I love that I will have the whole summer off with my boys, and I’m just buzzing at the thought of getting at least nine months to be a proper mum.  Working full time since I went back to work when my youngest was nine months old has been difficult for me – with my older boy I was a student during his younger years so didn’t work full time until he was at school, and I feel I’ve missed so much of my baby by having to work.  And I know that’s the reality waiting for me with this new baby too, so I’m going to cherish my whole maternity leave for the opportunity to be the mum I wish I could always be.  Seven weeks to go!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. I read Beloved when I was a teen, it’s so haunting! I must read it again.
    Loving Beth Ditto’s track, thanks for sharing, I had no idea she had solo stuff out. Standing In The Way Of Control was THE track of 2006 wasn’t it? I loved it. I have memories of jumping around to it at a festival while pregnant with my eldest! xx

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