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I’ve come across a lovely linkie courtesy of Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat called Little Loves, which is a nice way to round up a week.  Little Loves focuses on the small touches that have made the past week sparkle, so what were mine…?


I’m powering through books for 2017, in part because I’m aware once this baby arrives I’ll not have quite as much time to indulge my favourite hobby and in part because I’m trying to tick off as many of the POPsugar 2017 reading challenge categories as I can.

This week I’m reading The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood, as it ticks off the “book written by someone you admire” category.  I love Atwood’s writing, particularly the incredible Handmaid’s Tale, and I’ve read quite a few of her books.  This one is about a desperate couple who agree to be part of a strange experimental community after the recession sees them destitute and living out of their car.  The world around them has disintegrated, with society crumbling into crime and violence, so the promise of a home and employment in a safe and clean town hidden behind secure walls seems the answer to their prayers.  Until it really, really isn’t.

I’ll admit, it took a while for me to warm to the book.  But once it became apparent that there was a very sinister catch to their new life, I started to get hooked and I’m looking forward to finishing it over the weekend to see what becomes of Stan and Charmaine!



We’re coming to the end of the 2nd season of Fortitude, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’ll be frank, it’s got really fucking weird and episode 9 nearly made me switch off.  There is a scene which actually made me boak and ask Hubs to fast forward because it was truly awful to watch.  And I’m pretty hardcore, so that tells you how extreme it was.  I’ll stick it out to finish the season off, but it’s all been a bit too crazy for me this time around!



I’ve not been listening to a lot of albums recently as I’m loving some of the tracks my daily mix on Spotify is throwing at me (though not so much the time it thought I’d like to hear the theme tune to Pochahontas…not sure what in my play history had made it think I needed that?!).  But I did listen to Izzy Bizu’s album this week, and that girl has an incredible voice – full of soul and jazz, but very funky.



I’m no crafter.  In fact my only sort of creation skills lie in the kitchen, and at best they are basic!  But I shared a recipe this week, which shows that even basic skills can put a delicious meal on the table – beef goulash.



After my rant about how hard it is to find decent maternity sports wear, I have hit the jackpot!  I took a gamble on a pair of leggings from Vertbaudet (which are now half price *rage*), and they are brilliant.  They fit, they’re comfortable, they are actually made for exercise and they are squat-proof!  Now I have no excuse not to keep working out for as long as my bump allows!


And Lastly…

This week I have been mainly trying to get my head around Twitter, which basically feels like the equivalent of standing at the side of a motorway waiting for my turn to cross.  It’s so fast paced that I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I am loving the new blogs and linkies I’ve found from it already.  I’d love it if you could follow me, and I will certainly follow back –


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. I read The Heart Goes Last a few months back – not my usual type of thing (although saying that, I love Margaret Atwood) but it was pretty good. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. Mmm, I love beef goulash! It always takes me back to being a kid. And hurrah for finding decent maternity leggings! I’ve followed you on Twitter. Hope you have a great weekend x #LittleLoves

    1. Thanks for the follow! I think what I’m finding odd about The Heart Goes Last is that it’s quite current, whereas other Margaret Atwood books I’ve read I’ve come to years after they were published or they were set in specific periods. But she does know how to tell a story!

  2. I watched the first season of Fortitude recently and although I liked it I’ve been hesitant to watch the second season, not sure if I will. I will pop across an give you a like on Twitter, you will soon get the hang of it. #LittleLoves

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that. I think I’m trying too hard to keep on top of Twitter, whereas it’s maybe best to just look over tweets from the last 30mins/hour when I have time!

  3. Oh man I know just what you mean about Fortitude! I turned it off half way through episode 10 and just can’t carry on. It got far too weird! You’ll have to let me know what happens and if there is a satisfying conclusion.
    Lovely to have you joining in with Little Loves! xx

  4. I was the same with Fortitude it just got too much for me eek if you shut it off or fast forward I am a wimp I would have definitely stopped watching. Well I did way before that. I hate when a book takes forever to get going but also good when it turns around and doesn’t disappoint in the end. So sorry for the late comment I am playing catch up on today’s and last weeks #littleloves. Better late than never I hope! Happy Weekend.

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