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I love that Friday has come around again.  Plus, I have a three day weekend ahead of me once I finish up tonight.  Admittedly that weekend does contain a play date, a kid’s birthday party and a swim meet, so neither restful nor my idea of bliss, but at least it doesn’t include work and takes me one step closer to maternity leave.  I’m now past the 30 week mark!

After all the fun of London and Legoland last week, this has been a routine and not very exciting seven days.  But that isn’t to say there haven’t been some highlights, so check out what Little Loves have brightened my days this week…



I got stuck into Beloved as I mentioned last week, and wow…what a harrowing story.  I’ll admit to not having read a lot of stories based around the slave trade or black rights in the American south, particularly not those told from the perspective of a person of colour.  I’ve read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman, but Beloved is from an earlier time period and from a non-white perspective and was a real eye opener for me.  The core story about the events leading up to the murder of a child and the subsequent haunting kept me turning the page, and though it was a difficult read I’m glad I made it through.

Blog-wise I’ve read some great posts this week, like this vintage post by Mum Muddling Through about being a non-selfie blogger.  It struck a chord with me as I’ve taken a semi-anonymous stance with this blog.  I’m not trying to conceal myself from anyone reading, but to conceal my blog from people in my real life.  I had a blog before, but found that once I shared it with friends and family I started censoring myself.  There will be the odd image of me and the kids on here, but I suppose I’m hoping my words rather than my photos will give my blog character so that I can keep life and blogging a bit more separate this time around.



We’ve hit a lull in our real-time viewing, so have returned to Homeland (season 5).  I’d forgotten just how good it is – I’m easily distracted by my tablet, but with Homeland I definitely put it down!  I love how Saul just cuts through people’s bullshit and says what needs to be said, I think everyone needs a Saul in their lives.  I know I’d love him to just follow me around and point out where I’m fucking up.  Warning: lots of f-bombs in the following video…

We also watched the Channel 5 documentary about the London Underground, which I’m aware makes me sound painfully hip.  But coming from Glasgow where our tube map is a simple circle, I am always in awe of the London one.  Top moment was the massive vacuum cleaner they put the trains into, and the amount of dirt that gets sucked out *boak*  Now Hubs understands my fear of public transport headrests (one of my many crazy dirt-phobic issues).



The worst line in a song ever, courtesy of All Time Low’s Dirty Laundry – “dirty laundry looks good on you.”  Um, since when did crusty undercrackers become a turn on?   Innuendo fail.



Plans for winding down for maternity leave!  Hells yes.  Five and a half weeks to go, and I’ve managed to sneak in a day of annual leave most of those weeks to cut my knackered, heavy, strained body some slack as I slog through the final stages of growing our latest addition.

Oh, and this amazing roasted sweet potato hummus courtesy of Slimming Eats.



Excuse the blinding white of my feet, but I wore my first flat pumps of the year (which ripped my heels open…thank you Primark), as I’ve had to retire my boots. Not because of the weather – which doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind if we’re having spring or not this year – but because I literally can’t bend over to do the damn things up any more.


And lastly…

After spectacularly falling off the healthy eating wagon whilst we were away in London, I ordered this adorable food diary from Fox and Moon to get me back on track.  If you’re a dieter and use Instagram, this is probably not news to you – I know my feed is flooded with pictures of their range.  But you can get a diary to suit either SlimmingWorld or Weight Watchers, and I got one specifically for those of us trying not to eat for two.  I love it, and it’s helped me pull myself together this week.



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. We are slowly making our way through the latest season of Homeland. I am really enjoying it. Primark have some lovely ripped jeans don’t though? I keep meaning to go in and pick myself up a pair! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Popping over from #Littlelove

  2. I’m with you on the semi anonymity thing – took me 8 years of blogging to actually add my photo to my blog. No one I know has ever stumbled across my blog though, even my partner is none the wiser! I love Fox and Moon. I’ve got one of the planners just sitting around doing nothing. Think I need to get using it – once the kids are back at school after Easter anyway. Have a great week!

    1. It’s just a bit nicer to have something that’s yours alone, isn’t it?

      I find holidays are the hardest time to be on track with a healthy eating plan, I don’t blame you for waiting until the schools are back!

  3. I love the look of the planners. Having fallen off the SW wagon I could do with one to hopefully motivate me back to healthy eating. Off to have a look now x

    1. It’s definitely helped me this week. I do better when I write my food down anyway, but it makes a different when you have something nice to keep track in.

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