our meal plan for this week

I’ll start this with a confession – I’ve spent the best part of the last week comfort eating.  I had to have an investigation in to some pain I’ve been having, and something was found on the scan.  I wont know the implications of that until tomorrow, but having been down this road before I’m quite worried.  What do I do when I’m worried?  I turn to food.  I’m trying to keep my meals as nutritious as possible, to counter the very unhealthy decisions I’m making in between them.

I’ve written before about the fact that I’m a meal planning addict.  I’ve been sharing our plans each week, and they’ve been getting a good reception on social media.  It can be hard to think of healthy meals every week, especially if you’re just starting out on a weight loss journey, or feel stuck in a food rut.  I’m going to make a point of sharing my plans each week – if you see something you like the sound of please let me know.  I’d love to share the recipes for the most popular dishes!


our meal plan this week


This week’s meal plan


Monday – dinner at my parents’ house

My parents are just home from an epic holiday, and so we went to theirs for dinner last night.  I think we might try to make this a regular thing, as Middle Son’s new swimming lesson time means we’re walking home past their house right at dinner time!  For the record, it was good old mince and tatties.  They’d obviously been missing some Scottish stodge after enjoying exotic food for the past four weeks!


Tuesday – jacket potatoes with bean chilli

We were meant to have this last week, but with trick or treating ended up just getting an Indian meal from Waitrose on the way home!

I’ll serve it up with salad and save some leftovers for lunch.


Wednesday – fish tagine

I try to make sure we have fish at least twice a week, and this is a good way to tart up some basic frozen white fish.  There’s tons of flavour from the spices.

I’ll serve it up with green beans.  And I’ll have enough left for lunch the next day too.


Thursday – steak chilli

And by steak, I mean cheaper casserole steak!  As much as I’d love a proper sirloin, the maternity pay doesn’t stretch that far. But slow cooked in a chilli sauce, it gets really tender and delicious.

I’ll serve it with rice and some extra veggies.


Friday – falafel burgers

I love falafel.  Anything with chick peas really!  I don’t have a good track record with veggie burgers though, so I’m a bit worried these will be another fail.  But I’m trying to reduce the amount of times we eat meat in a week, so I need to expand my vegetarian options.

I’ll serve them with potato wedges and salad.


Saturday – homemade pizzas

Middle Son has a pizza kit that he’s excited to use.  Much like veggie burgers, my attempts at homemade pizza in the past haven’t been very impressive so we’ll see how these turn out!  I think in the past I’ve followed “diet” pizza base recipes, which may have been the problem.  This time I’m just going to embrace the traditional way and hopefully they’ll turn out better.  I’m thinking goats cheese and red onion for the adults, cheese and ham for the kids.


Sunday – gammon roast, followed by blueberry brulees

I’m attempting to make the brulees myself, so I’m going to keep dinner really simple.  Gammon with roasties (done in the Actifry), yorkshires, gravy and lots of veg.  I’m making lentil soup for lunch over the weekend, so we might have some of that as a starter too.  The brulees are a Weight Watchers recipe, and diet puddings can be a bit hit or miss, so I’m curious to see what these are like.




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