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I’m pleased to report that after facing up to falling off the wagon last week, I had a really good week.  Apart from missing Clubbercise on Tuesday because I was knackered, I managed to achieve all my other fitness commitments.  And my eating was on point right up until yesterday where Easter did get the better of me.  I still managed to lose all the weight I’d put on during my indulgent previous week, and I now feel like I’m back on an even keel.

Our favourite dish last week was the Thai salmon with jasmine rice, which I’m not surprised about as we’ve loved that one for years.  I got a few comments on the blog about it too so I’ll be sharing the recipe later in the week.  The Jamaican chicken was lush too.  I was disappointed with the Spanish chicken, it must have been a different recipe to one I’ve used in the past and so there wasn’t much sauce to speak of.  It was still nice, but not as I’d hoped.

I’d said I was going to shake up my snacking too, after realising I’d fallen for the SlimmingWorld Muller Light brainwash.  So I cut them out this week and made sweet potato hummus instead…what a game changer!  Check out the recipe over at Slimming Eats.  I’ve also had frozen grapes and used my healthy extras for Grape Nuts with almond milk, which I am now addicted to!

So I’m sticking to my new snacking, keeping my focus now I’m back on track so all that remains to be asked is…what are we eating this week?



Stuffed chicken breasts

For dinner tonight I stuffed chicken breasts with feta and wrapped them with bacon…lush, served with corn on the cob, spinach and broccoli.


Bean chilli

I love pulses! And this is a quick cook, ideal if I’m trying to get out the door for Clubbercise. I’ll serve it with sweet potato wedges and green beans.



I know this is traditionally a breakfast dish, but I don’t think I could eat it at that time of day! Dinnertime though, and I could eat piles of it. I’ll serve it with peas and spinach.


Sticky Chinese pork

Pork is my favourite meat, and I love it with oriental flavours. I’ll serve with pak choi and mangetout.


Lamb tagine

This is one of my favourites. I’ve mentioned before my love of Moroccan flavours, and whilst I’ve never nailed the spices to be as delicious as those we had on our honeymoon I think this tagine does come close. I serve it with roasted vegetable couscous.


Meal at my parents

We’ll be meeting my brother’s girlfriend for the first time, as they are travelling up from London, so my mum is making dinner. No doubt there will be an over the top starter, lamb for main and multiple desserts…blowing my healthy efforts but worth it!


Shepherds Pie

A bit of a lazy Sunday dinner this week, but I know it will go down well. I’ll be using pork mince, for my in-laws – one doesn’t like beef and the other is allergic to lamb! I’ll serve it with tons of veggies.

Chocolate puddings

I can’t remember the last time I made a chocolate dessert, and these are small enough to be indulgent without being over the top. Dark chocolate too, so I can kid myself that it’s almost healthy!


If any of my meals inspire you, let me know and I’ll share the recipe next week!


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