my pregnancy at 30 weeks


So that’s me through my 30th week of pregnancy, and I’ve been pretty crap at keeping any sort of record.  With my teenager I kept a journal for most of the time, and with my four year old I took a bump pic each week.  This time around, nada.  I had a pregnancy book which I bought last time and never got round to filling in, so I figured I’d use it this time around.  But when I sat down to do it, I wasn’t crazy about a lot of the sections…it felt too forced.  I want to make some sort of effort though, given that this is going to be the last time I manufacture a tiny human.

And would you look at this – now I have a blog to do it in.

I warn you now though, I’m no earth mother who thinks the miracle of pregnancy is a wonder to meditate upon.  I’m basically a cranky bitch, and I’m quite looking forward to getting to the finish line.  But I’ll try to sprinkle in some positives…


Pregnancy so far…

  • No morning sickness, lucky me…but weeks of feeling like a burst sofa.  A nauseated, exhausted burst sofa.
  • Feeling movement from 15 weeks, and getting an extra 20 week scan because this baby appears to be as stubborn as my others.
  • The heartbreak of being told that this baby had a very high risk of having Down’s Syndrome.  We decided to have an amnio to find out for certain, and that is not an experience I would want to go through again.  We spent Christmas in limbo awaiting the results which, given how high the risk factor was, we were certain would confirm the diagnosis.  We dragged ourselves through the festive period trying to be positive for the kids, and breathed a sigh of relief in January to find that the results were “normal.”
  •  We also found out from those results that we were having our 3rd boy.  This was something I had to digest, because as much as I love being a mum of boys it does mean I will never have a daughter.
  • I’ve been given a lot of compliments about my bump this time around, which is a new experience for me.  I’ve struggled with being so visible, but the nice comments have at least helped a lot when faced with dickheads who call pregnant women “huge”


Body at 30 weeks

  • I’ve been feeling very front heavy in the past few weeks.  Bending over is a mission.  I’m struggling to do up my shoes and I have that moment of contemplation every time I drop something – do I really need it back off the floor?
  • My bump has more aches and pains than an old hypochondriac.  I am in a constant state of discomfort tinged with paranoia, not helped by the shortness of breath that kicked in this week.
  • I’m pretty sure that maternity bras have wrecked my boobs, so I’ve reverted back to my underwired ones in a desperate attempt to halt any further southward-bound migration.
  • My nails looks like crap, but my hair can go for days without needing a shampoo.  For the first time in my life I’m not scheduling my week around hair washing!
  • Minimal sciatica, only occasional heartburn and my back seems to be holding out…winwinwin.

Mind at 30 weeks

  • Emotional outburst-wise I’m doing ok…as long as you ignore the fact that I cried in the swimming pool at the weekend because Hubs spoke to a skinny tattooed mum in a bikini while I did some lengths,  looking like a whale in the worlds least flattering maternity swimsuit.
  • I’m feeling guilty at work – they will not be covering my leave, so my manager will have to do two jobs while I’m gone.  I can’t help feeling responsible for any pressure this will put on her.
  • That said, I am so excited about my maternity leave.  What’s not to look forward to – getting the best part of a year with my new baby and to be a proper mum to my boys?  I can’t wait!
  • But then I think…how will I cope with three kids by myself all summer holiday?!

Baby at 30 weeks

  • This boy can move!  I’m pretty sure he’s can-can dancing in there at times, and he particularly likes sticking what feels like a foot into my right side so forcefully I can actually feel the shape.  I’ll be honest, I find it quite creepy!  I’m ok with regular movements (except when he kicks me in the cervix…thanks wee man), but identifiable body parts give me a touch of the heebie-jeebies.
  • Still no name.  After two boys the inspiration well is dry.  All I know is that with two boys whose names start with R, I can’t have another one with that initial or it will start looking like a thing.  We have some names floating about, but I think this will be my first baby who isn’t named until after his birth.  Quite a while after!
  • Teenager is not very interested in the pregnancy itself, but I know he’s looking forward to another baby in the house as he’s such a good big brother to the four year old.  And four year old is still very positive about becoming a big brother, occasionally hugging and kissing my bump.  I’m still certain that reality will hit our spoiled little attention seeker quite hard when the time comes, so I’m building a bomb shelter out the back to hide in.

Fuel, Fitness & Rest

  • Oh my god, all I did last week was eat.  This has been the first week since January where I’ve felt out of control, and I’m scared to step on the scales.  I’m also feeling guilty about the quality of what I’ve eaten – Greggs, MacDonald’s, cake, chocolate and pizza have all featured.  Not exactly the nutritious start I’ve been trying to provide!
  • I hit the wall at about 2pm each day, and could easily mimic the sleeping habits of a teenage boy if I didn’t have to adult all the bloody time.
  • My sleep is generally good though, when the four year old complies.  I invested in a body pillow this time around, who Hubs and I have named Pierre as it is like having a third person in bed with us.  But after our nights in London without him, I know Pierre is helping me get a decent rest.  I still wake for the loo and to change position, but getting back to sleep is a doddle.
  • Apart from a lot of walking in London and 10 lengths of the pool at the weekend, my exercise this week has been non-existent.  I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine next week, and I think I’ll still manage my Clubbercise class for another few weeks…maybe.


I don’t have anything to update about purchases yet, because apart from picking up some cute outfits we haven’t really done much.  The upside with another boy is that he will be cheap to run – we didn’t chuck anything out from the last baby, and I dug out our lovely blue Babystyle Oyster from the garage last weekend to find that it’s in pretty great nick…I just need to find where we put the carrycot!  So no names, no goodies…hitting the big 3-0 is exciting for me, but it doesn’t make for a thrilling update so thanks for reading!

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