peanut butter – my favourite healthy brands

When you’re looking for healthy swaps for the not-so-healthy food you love, it isn’t always easy.  There is no decent substitute for chocolate, and let’s be honest – who actually enjoys alcohol free wine?  Besides Daily Milk and a glass of red, another love of mine is peanut butter.

my favourite healthy peanut butter brands


The nutty loveliness is also a big family favourite.  Hubs dollops it into his smoothies, Oldest Son refuels on it after his swim training, and my idea of heaven is slathering it on toast.  Middle Son did used to say he didn’t like it; I considered disowning him but thankfully he changed his mind.

Unfortunately, when I was trying to cut out processed foods from my diet I realised that a lot of peanut butters have added ingredients like sugar, palm oil, stabilisers and preservatives.  So imagine my joy when I discovered that you can get peanut butter without any added nasties!


natural peanut butter

“Natural” is a bit of a marketing gimmick these days, a buzz word that doesn’t always mean much.  But there are peanut butters out there which contain only peanuts.  Nothing else.  You can’t get much more natural than that.

I think they’re even more delicious than the brands I grew up loving.  Unlike some healthy swaps, you don’t lose out on taste or texture with a natural peanut butter.  Even my kids like the natural brands – they didn’t seem to notice when we swapped!

But for the newbies to natural, a warning.  Natural peanut butter separates in the tub, meaning that when you open it you will find a layer of oil sitting on top.  Don’t despair!  You just need to give your pot a good stir to mix it all back up.  You can also help avoid this by storing the jar upside down.


my favourite healthy peanut butters

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut were my intro into the world of au natural nutty goodness. It was love at first spoon-lick.  Their branding is cute af too.


Easier to buy from supermarkets than my beloved Pip & Nut, these guys don’t disappoint.


Whaaaat? An own brand natural peanut butter?  Goes to show that healthy is becoming mainstream.  And the best thing about the Tesco one (apart from the fact that is is just as yummy as the others)?  It’s super cheap!


weight loss tip

As tempted as you might be, resist the urge to settle down with a tub of Pip & Nut and a spoon.  Although healthier than other brands, natural peanut butter still packs a calorie punch. That’s down to all the good fats it contains.  Enjoy it, but don’t go nuts!



This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not getting paid for the content, but it does contain affiliate links.  You can read more about my affiliate policy here.
I just got embarrassingly excited when I came across the Tesco peanut butter when shopping for this week’s meal plan and had to share!

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  1. Didn’t eat peanut butter as a child because my parents did not have it in the house. As an adult, I love eating it. Recently switched to natural peanut butter and enjoy it even more than the processed kind.

  2. Not a fan of peanut butter, I used to have it as a child and always felt it was forever stuck to the inside of mouth! However, my kids and hubbie love it. Thanks for linking up #Blogstravaganza

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