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As part of my efforts to keep on top of any pregnancy weight gain, I’ve been trying to keep active.

I still go to my Clubbercise class each week, though particularly in the past few sessions I’ve noticed a need to really reduce the intensity I work at.  I dug out a boxset of pregnancy fitness and yoga DVDs I used in my last pregnancy so I do two or three of those a week, and last week I found a bump-friendly weight circuit to throw into the mix.  I initially thought I’d keep up the lunch time walks I’d started too (around 1.5-2k), but walking is a real issue for me as I’m plagued with painful stitch-like pains which force me down to a snail’s pace.  I’m motivated to keep this up – the will is there and amazingly so is the energy.

What I hadn’t considered would be a real barrier to keeping fit is my wardrobe…

I actually laugh at my naivety as I write that, as clothing my growing body has been nothing but a headache so far.  But for some reason I thought subbing my gym clothes would be a piece of cake – the gods of leggings and sports bras obviously thought they’d prove me wrong.

My bladder is really being strangled by my waistband.

I really thought that I’d get by wearing my usual leggings low, under my bump but clearly there isn’t quite enough stretch in the ol’ Lycra.  I figured I’d just buy some leggings in a bigger size, but a quick jump about in the Asda changing rooms saw them heading for my ankles.

As an aside, Asda have some good, cheap leggings right now, which actually look pretty cool.  Though not all of them pass the squat test – I didn’t even have to drop all that low before I could see the pattern on my knickers showing through the arse of a pair of black ones.  Try before you buy.

So off to the internet I went, to see if such a thing as maternity gym leggings exist.  And they do…if you’re rich.  Or if you don’t read the reviews of other poor schmoos who have fallen for the patter on certain websites (I’m looking at you Gap), only to receive a pair that were more at home under a dress.  I need Lycra…but not Lycra that’s going to cost me over £30.

I’m also being sliced open by my trusty sports bra.

I’m a Shock Absorber girl, I like my lady lumps to remain stationery no matter how hard I’m flinging myself about and Shock Absorbers are the only sports bras I’ve ever found that do that.  But that quality does come at a price…one I’m not really willing to pay for an item I’ll probably only wear for a few months.  So I trundled round Asda and Sports Direct and was left sweaty and frustrated in the changing cubicles after wrestling with the flimsy crop-tops they’re trying to pass off as sports bras.  These are meant to be support garments, but the jump test nearly left me with black eyes (ok, my girls aren’t that big – it was more like a slap round the chops).  Who is wearing these things?!  You do know that when they say “feel the burn” it isn’t meant to be the agony of your tits ripping from your chest, right?  I literally sob at the thought of all the booby damage these glorified boob tubes must be leaving in their wake.

So I’ve taken a gamble.

After a ranty tantrum to hubs (I can blame hormones for that, yes?), where I may have scarred him by weaving the visual of me having to workout in just my granny pants with duct tape holding my udders in place, I ventured back on to the internet.  I’ve taken a punt on these from Vertbaudet based on the fact they look sporty and don’t have any negative reviews.  The downside of this is that they don’t actually have any reviews, so I’m not exactly hopeful.

And in the name of good boob care, I’ve stayed brand loyal.  I found a website called Wiggle with some lower priced options and took a guess that a band size up from my regular ones will do.  I’ve never bought a sports bra without trying it on first before, so we’ll see what drama unfolds.

I know there will be those that look as this whinge-fest.

You may think my only problem here is being a tight arse (of the wallet variety, not booty *sigh*).  But budget shouldn’t be such a huge barrier to working out.  I think it’s great that places like Asda and Primark are offering decent fitness gear at more accessible prices, and I’m a huge fan of Sports Direct’s USA Pro stuff.  It’s just frustrating that those cheaper options aren’t covering everyone.  I know maternity is a bit niche, but there’s also plus sized women and anyone over a B cup who aren’t always represented properly in the lower price range.  Hopefully though, with the market seeming to change as big brands realise that fitness isn’t a fad, it’ll be just a matter of time before getting dressed for the gym isn’t the toughest part of the workout!

As for my online purchases…lets hope I’ve struck it lucky and can keep being active until I pop!




The leggings are  a m a z i n g !  I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and working out in them about 3 times a week.  They’re proper gym leggings – squat proof, comfortable, don’t go saggy at the knees and dry quickly after washing.  I’m so glad I bought them.

I had a great experience with Wiggle too – my first order was too small, but they exchanged it without fuss and I have a very happy, very bounce-free pair of boobies.  I’ll definitely use that site again, as they had a lot of Shock Absorber bras to choose from.


Am I the only person who has found it difficult to dress for fitness while pregnant?  What was your experience?



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  1. I have to be honest and say I never tried to find exercise gear for when I was PG but you are right it is harder to get good priced exercise wear in larger sizes and the issue I find particulalry hard is that I have a large back size but only a c cup, all the brands seem to assume I’ll be at least a DD! Mich x #Slimmingsunday

  2. I remember well trying to do Zumba (with low intensity) when I was pregnant wearing my leggings and a baggy t-shirt and it wasn’t pretty! There doesn’t seem to be much out there for pregnant ladies who want to exercise. Hope the wiggle site products work out for you.

    Thanks for linking up with #SlimmingSunday

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