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Last week…

I’m feeling pretty good this week, as after struggling for a while I found it very easy to get back on track.  I’ve had a week where moderation has been the name of the game.  Having said that, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and not on an out-&-out weight loss mission, so the form of moderation I’m taking right now is just to minimise the number of indulgences but not exactly the content of them!  So I went out on a lunch date with some of my friends on Friday where I temporarily appeased my one and only pregnancy craving (burgers…*drool*), and Hubs talked me into a curry last night (he’d been breaking his back in the garden all weekend and my SlimmingWorld-friendly syn-free lasagna just wasn’t going to cut it).  At the moment I’m ok with one or two little discrepancies!

I got good results too – a 1lb loss at SlimmingWorld on Thursday which it looks like I’ve maintained over the weekend so I don’t feel too shabby.  Ideally I’d like to avoid any massive gains from here on out, but I’m keeping an open mind as I’ve never watched my weight during pregnancy before and have no idea what the next few weeks could bring!

I did make the SlimmingWorld oat cookies (recipe by Kate @ WitWitWoo) as my evening snack, and I’ll have to be honest about them – Millies Cookies they ain’t.  But of course they aren’t.  They simply fill a hole, that hole being my need to nibble something whilst I watch the telly at night.  We have some sugar-free syrups for coffee and I’m tempted to try adding a few teaspoons of that to the mix to see if that makes them a bit more interesting.


This week…

It’s my birthday on Thursday, so I’m hoping to get out for a meal to celebrate.  We’re very lucky that the town we live in is a bit of a foodie haven.  I’m torn between the tiny artisan place where the chef is so passionate and creates his menus based on what he has in that day, the tapas restaurant with the huge selection, or the lush bistro restaurant which was the catalyst for all the other high-end restaurants to open up in our town.  Decisions, decisions.

Other eating-out-of-the-norm situations this week are lunch in a primary school canteen, and a buffet at a christening.   The school lunch is part of our youngest’s primary school induction and we’re basically at the mercy of the dinner ladies, and buffets (or any sort of free-for-all eating) are my kryponite.  Oh, and then there is a cake-based send off planned on Wednesday at work to see me off on maternity leave!  What did I say about wanting to avoid massive gains?!

I just need to make sure the meals in between keep me on plan, so what’s on the rest of our dinner menu this week…?



Chicken biryani

I love this dish, it’s a proper feed but full of good stuff (including cardamom, my favourite spice).  I’ll serve it up with spinach and broccoli.


Tuna with ratatouille

Ratatouille is a great way to get a ton of veg into your meal, and I make a pretty big portion so a light tuna steak is a great protein option to balance it out.


Sausage and sweet potato mash

After my last day in the office before I go on maternity leave, I don’t think I’ll want to cook so this is nice and easy. I’ll probably chuck some salad on the plate too, to counteract (ha!) the cakes from earlier in the day.


Birthday meal

…if I ever decide which restaurant to go to!


Beef and cauliflower tagine

I’ve not made this one in a while, but I remember it having quite a creamy texture if I do it in the slow cooker as the cauliflower breaks right down.  I’ll probably serve it with roasted peppers and green beans.


Cajun pork rice

This is quite similar to a paella, but I use brown rice and it has pork, chorizo and peppers through it.  Delish.  I’ll serve it with corn on the cob and whatever veg we have leftover.


Who knows?

Either we’ll be too full from the buffet and wont bother, or I’ll whip up a healthy fry-up with lean bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and poached eggs.


If any of my meals inspire you, let me know and I’ll share the recipe next week!


R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
Hijacked By Twins

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  1. Your meal plans always make me feel hungry! You’re doing amazing staying on top of your weight while heavily pregnant. The only way I lost any weight in pregnancy was when I was constantly throwing up for months on end – best diet I’ve ever been on! Have a good week x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…For the Love of …..BlogsMy Profile

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