this week’s meal plan

I confessed last week that after some bad health news I’d been comfort eating.  That is still going on, and I feel like it’s gone beyond comfort to binging. I’m too scared to stand on the scales, but I’ll be facing the music at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I hope I’ve not undone all the good work and progress I’d achieved.  It’s that fear that is making me draw a line under it.  I think my body is craving routine and nutrients!At least I wont need to worry about my meals as I try to get back on track.  No matter what, I always sit down and make a meal plan.

I’ve been sharing my plans each week, and they’ve been getting a good reception on social media.  It can be hard to think of healthy meals every week, especially if you’re just starting out on a weight loss journey, or feel stuck in a food rut.  I’m going to make a point of sharing my plans each week – if you see something you like the sound of please let me know.  I’d love to share the recipes for the most popular dishes!


our meal plan this week


This week’s meal plan


Monday – steak chilli

I made this last week and froze extra portions.  It’s delicious – slow cooked beef with kidney beans and butternut squash.  I served it with brown rice and kale.


Tuesday – zingy mince

This is pork mince, but it has grated courgette through it and some light flavours like lemon in it.  It’s a good way of sneaking vegetables into kids!

I’ll serve it up with mash potato, and have enough leftover for lunch.


Wednesday – fish stew

As we are trying to eat less meat, we eat a couple of fish meals a week.  This is actually a chicken stew that I’ve switched up to have fish instead of meat.

It has potatoes in it, so I’ll serve it up with green beans.  And I’ll have enough left for lunch the next day too.


Thursday – falafel burgers

I made these last week and they went down a treat – I’ve finally found a veggie burger that doesn’t fall apart!  I froze extras, so I just need to thaw these and heat them up.

I’ll serve them with salad and potato wedges made in the Actifry.


Friday – cod bake

This is packed with Mediterranean vegetables so it’s really juicy and delicious.  We hardly ever have pasta, but I think I’ll mix some through this and do it like a pasta bake.


Saturday – meal out

Hubs and I are having a date night!  That means a restaurant, some nice wine…and of course, pudding!


Sunday – dinner with the in-laws

I’m not sure what I love most about this – my father-in-law’s cooking, or the fact that it means I don’t need to cook.  But it’s always a lovely meal.




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