Top Performers of the 2018 in Football

2018 was the year of the world cup. While it only feels like yesterday that Pavard shot that magical volley and that Sensational stop of De Gea in the final minutes of the game. It has been a year since then and the memories seem to be still fresh on my mind. There were a number of stellar performances in the tournament and its hard to choose a top list for it.

But none the less I have gone through a lot of the matches and individual performances to make a list of the top players in a tournament that influenced the football players ranking 2018 listed. So who ranks at the top solely based on performance. You will see a lot of familiar names in there and it is not a surprise on who tops the list.

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Lionel Messi

Unsurprisingly Leonel Messi tops the list of top performing footballers in the year of 2018. The argentine has put up some stellar performances through the season to sit on top of the list of the best performing football players in 2018. He has scored 24 goals while making 12 assists in the season and is easily the best player in the world right now.

Mo Salah

Mohommad Salah is another unsurprising name in the list that is hard not to justify. He has made 24 goals and made 8 assists in the 2018 season and is one of the high performing players in the 2018 season. He is second only to Lionel Messi when it comes to performing and numbers in the season and it is hard to argue if anybody tells you he is in top form.

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Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is having a stellar start to the 2019 season with a goal in every game to his name and the form apparently has been carried from the 2018 season where he won the Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich. He has scored more than 20 goals for the delight of the german giants and the tally is only increased late in the season. One of the top performers of the 2018 season.

Neymar Jr

Neymar is fourth in the list of performers. The former Barcelona Winger made a high profile move to PSG last year and since then has built quite a reputation in the French club by being the highest player in the club in the 2018 season. Only 26 and still growing strong, the winger has scored 19 goals last season with 134 assists in the league.